Kallias complete 'Virulent Summer Tour'
on East Coast

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to support us on our east coast run, as well as digital openers Reign, Joshua Travis, The Zenith Passage, Mega Mike Drummer, and ThonggDelong, and Nicole's Twitch community who joined in on stream. Stay tuned for more show announcements this fall! Top row of photos by @su_x_19, bottom by @martinmxr.

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Kallias release single and music video for
"The Dark Machine"

Available Now On All Digital Platforms 

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Kallias release second single
with vocals "Disembodied Existence"

Available Now On All Digital Platforms 

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On May 20th 2022, Kallias release the second single "Disembodied Existence" off their upcoming album.

"We are pleased to announce the second single with vocals, and are feeling confident in the new direction we've chosen. The writing process has been extremely rewarding in the growth sense and the album is finally coming together. Prog and death metal are alive and well and we're proud to add a piece of our art to the mix. This won't be the only release this summer!" 

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Hit Parader's "No Cover" TV series features Kallias, now airing on Sumerian Records YouTube

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Kallias introduces vocals
with new single and music video for "Supermassive"

Available Now On All Digital Platforms 

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On August 27th 2021, the band released their first track featuring vocals, a taste of what's to come with a full length album in the works.

"Kallias are thrilled to announce the release of "Supermassive". Our first piece of music with vocals, featuring Nicole and Chris," the band says. "We felt it was a necessary step to indefinitely progressing our sound, with the majority of the new material calling for vocals. The concept behind the video entertains the idea of humans being biologically altered or mechanically enhanced against their will, becoming a kind of modified hybrid being. It can also signify the acceptance of such experiments, resulting in a feeling of enlightenment while becoming a better version of yourself. The next phase for Kallias will be releasing our first full length record in 2022, diving deeper into this concept, and we can't wait to unleash our truest form."